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Dreams are vain, but they're also my speciality.

((Independent Arthur RP blog based on Nolan's Inception film. MULTI-Verse and MULTI-Ship. Both mun and muse are +18. May be NSFW at times.))

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Girls who don’t receive romantic/sexual attention from boys blame themselves

Boys who don’t receive romantic/sexual attention from girls blame girls




i want to be really healthy and drink green tea and go to bed early and study really hard and get my life in order but then again i kinda don’t care about anything and i just want to drink coffee all the time and ignore sleep and study whenever i feel like it and let myself fall apart twice a week

i’d rather have my life together tbh




Hello all! So, I have officially moved my QuestionArthur blog! You can no interact with me at this blog here!


Now I can follow everyone back and actually send asks! Yay!

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Serious Question Time, Y’all!

Okay, so as most of you know my QuestionArthur blog is a secondary blog from my main blog. It causes a lot of problems and limits me. I can’t follow anyone back from QuestionArthur, I can’t send Asks as QuestionArthur, and it’s just really frustrating. So, I’ve started thinking that maybe I should create a new blog that’s independent of my main blog and make that blog my new QuestionArthur blog. I wouldn’t delete this blog, though. It has too many memories and I like to go back and look at past posts. So I would have a new blog name, but it would still be the same version of Arthur. That means, to my RP partners, that I would have a new tag and such. What do you guys think? If I get a new blog would it inconvenience y’all too much? Because if so then I can deal with my blog as it is, even though I would love to not be as limited. 

Yes? No? Comments? Suggestions? Anything is helpful!

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